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Fenton Dodge in Southeastern Michigan sells Neon Mopar Performance and OEM parts to Neon Enthusiasts and Racers at wholesale pricing.  They are serviced by DaimlerChrysler's largest depot (Detroit) and ship via insured UPS.  They have the lowest pricing I've found anywhere.  Shipping costs are actual UPS costs with no additional handling fees.

I've included the Neon sections of both the 2001 and 2002 Mopar Performance catalogs below for reference.  Some of the parts that aren't listed in the 2002 catalog, but listed previously in other catalogs, are still available in large quantities.  I've put the pricing for these items at the bottom of the pricing list.  The scanning of the 2002 catalog was performed by Steven Lawrence of the neons.org mailing list.  The scanning of the 2001 catalog was performed by Omniphil of the neons.org message boards.

I've also attached the Fenton wholesale pricelist for the entire Neon section.  (prices are subject to change)  These prices include the 2003 annual Mopar Performance price increase that occurred on May 1, 2003.

I do not work for Fenton Dodge, so please contact them directly to purchase products.  I do not profit in any way by making this information available.  My only goal is to help other Neon enthusiasts shop for Mopar Performance parts.  I've noticed a chronic confusion over the pricing scheme Mopar Performance uses with its dealers since the Neon was introduced in 1995.  This should be mutually beneficial to both Fenton Dodge and Neon owners.  Any business Fenton receives from the Internet community is added business they otherwise wouldn't have since Internet sales are not part of their dealership's business model.  Neon owners also benefit from wholesale pricing normally offered only to bulk purchasers such as local collision repair shops.

I recommend Fenton not only because of their pricing, but because of their service.  Their parts manager is a customer orientated person.  There is nothing I hate worse than calling a business to order a product and have the person on the other end make me feel like I am putting him out to do what he is getting paid to do.  (His Job!)  I've purchased thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from Bob Kise since 1995 because of his pricing and service.  I will continue to do so because of it.


First Generation Half-Shaft Upgrade (Drag Racing)

Neon 2.0L DOHC Valve Train Upgrade Info

Magnum SOHC Camshaft and Valve Spring Upgrade Info


2002 Mopar Performance Catalog - Neon Section


2001 Mopar Performance Catalog - Neon Section


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Fenton Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge

15123 North Road

Fenton, MI  48430


810-714-5013 FAX

2003 Mopar Performance Fenton Neon Pricing
Part Number Description Forum
P5007033 1995 SOHC MP PCM $192.50
P5007035 1996 SOHC MP PCM $213.62
P5007037 1997-99 SOHC MP PCM $213.62
P5007034 1995 DOHC MP PCM $213.62
P5007036 1996 DOHC MP PCM $213.62
P5007038 1997-99 DOHC MP PCM $185.90
P5007031 1995-1999 Iceman Intake $231.00
P4452074 1995-1999 K&N (2087) Filter $32.01
P5007507 SOHC stainless intake valve $11.44
P5007508 SOHC stainless exhaust valve $11.11
P5007275 IT SOHC Crate Motor $3,078.90
P5007384 IT SOHC Port Matched Head $537.00
P5007390 1995-99 SOHC Connecting Rod $86.68
P5007385 1995-99 .020" oversized piston $64.35
P5007386 1995-99 .020" oversized ring set $86.68
P5007278 2.0L/2.4L Windage Tray $179.63
P4876636 DOHC Valve Spring $8.91
P5249846 SOHC Valve Spring $7.37
P5007024 1996-2001 SOHC Camshaft $120.23
P5007030 1995-2001 SOHC Camshaft $201.74
P5007440 DOHC 2.0L/2.4L Lash Adjusters (4) $22.66
P5249856 1995-99 SOHC Street Header $308.22
P5249973 1995-99 DOHC Street Header $308.33
P4876113 SOHC Street Gasket $14.41
P4876114 DOHC Race/Street Gasket $16.61
P5007335 SOHC/DOHC Exhaust Donut $35.75
04668555AE High Torque Clutch $211.60
P5007435 Conventional-Modular Conv. Kit $43.67
P5007027 1995-99 Front Motor Mount $48.62
P5007028 1995-99 Bobble Strut $59.07
P5007317 1995-99 Manual Short Shifter $263.56
P5007391 2000-01 Manual Short Shifter $252.12
P5007382 Limited Slip Differential $1,393.70
P4876510 1996-2001 SOHC Plug Wires $36.85
P4876511 1995-1999 DOHC Plug Wires $36.85
P4876546 1995 SOHC Plug Wires $37.51
P5007557 1995-99 Cat Back Single $331.87
P5007558 1995-99 Cat Back Dual $382.36
P5007559 2000-01 Cat Back Dual $415.47
P5007560 2001 ACR/RT Dual Outlet Muffler $387.97
P5007730 2000-02 Dual Split Chrome DTM tips $414.70
P4876424 Tension Strut Bushing Set $28.82
P4876425 Front Control Arm Bushing Set $45.54
P4876426 Front Sway Bar End Link Set $18.15
P4876427 Rear Sway Bar End Link Set $9.90
P4876428 Front Sway Bar Cushing Set $13.75
P4876429 Rear Sway Bar Cusing Set $13.97
P4876430 Tie Rod End Boots $4.84
P4876557 Rear Lateral Link Bushing Set $33.11
P5007045 Complete Urethane Bushing Set $138.93
P5007260 1995-99 Right Spherical Arm $453.97
P5007261 1995-99 Left Spherical Arm $453.97
P5007026 1995-99 16 mm Rear Sway Bar $77.22
P5007041 1995-99 22 mm Rear Sway Bar $98.89
P5007044 1995-99 22 mm Front Sway Bar $98.12
P5007279 Rear Sway Bar Installation Kit $65.67
P5007561 2000-01 22 mm Front Sway Bar $76.12
P5007562 2000-01 19 mm Rear Sway Bar $79.97
P5007269 Koni Strut Adjustment Knob $13.75
P4876812 1995-99 Front Koni Strut $186.34
P5007000 1995-99 Rear Koni Strut $194.48
P5007389 2000-01 Front OEM ACR Strut $373.23
P5007442 2000-01 R. Rear OEM ACR Strut $373.23
P5007443 2000-01 L. Rear OEM ACR Strut $373.23
P5007331 1995-99 Front Dynamic Coilover $578.71
P5007332 1995-99 Rear Dynamic Coilover $578.71
P5007346 1995-99 Front Camber Plate Kit $316.36
P5007347 1995-99 Rear Camber Plate Kit $454.52
P5007001 1995-99 OEM ACR Front Spring $33.99
P5007002 1995-99 OEM ACR Rear Spring $31.68
P5007003 1995-99 High Rate Front Spring $58.08
P5007005 1995-99 High Rate Rear Spring $58.74
P5007004 1995-99 X-High Rate Front Spring $55.99
P5007006 1995-99 X-High Rate Rear Spring $55.99
P5007387 2000-01 OEM ACR Front Spring $25.91
P5007388 2000-01 OEM ACR Rear Spring $65.45
P5007276 1995-99 EGR Block Off Kit $41.25
P5249088 Brake Proportioning Valve $55.00
P5007302 1995-99 Brake Line Adapter Kit $54.87
P5007308 1995-99 16:1 Power Steering Rack $208.23
P5007336 Tie Rod End Heat Shield $4.51
P5007354 1995-99 14x7 IT Wheel $149.49
P5007311 1995-99 20 mm Front Spacer $149.82
P5007312 1995-99 15 mm Rear Spacer $119.79
P4452162 1995-99 Front Long Wheel Studs $39.27
P5007287 1995-99 Rear Long Wheel Studs $29.70
P5007316 Underdrive Alternator Pulley $92.29
P5007315 Underdrive Alternator Pulley Belt $21.89
P5007314 1995-99 ACR Hub and Bearing Kit $85.80
P5007605 Mobil 1 Performance Oil Filter $12.10
P5007323 Mobil 1 Synthetic 5w-30 Quart $5.01
P5007324 Mobil 1 Synthetic 10w-30 Quart $5.01
P5007325 Mobil 1 Synthetic 15w-50 Quart $5.01
P5007326 Mobil 1 Synthetic Gear Lube $6.33
P5007363 Mobil 1 Synthetic 5w-30 Pallet $3,984.55
P5007364 Mobil 1 Synthetic 10w-30 Pallet $3,984.55
P5007365 Mobil 1 Synthetic 15w-50 Pallet $3,984.55
Parts Available But No Longer Listed in the 2002 Catalog
P5007563 2000-01 -1.5" Front Spring $113.52
P5007564 2000-01 -1.5" Rear Spring $112.53