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General Information
Good Post!'95 base options (or lack of).
Good Post!Why gaskets aren't covered under Chrysler's 12/12 warranty.
visual howto DOHC 'Oil Restrictor"
visual howtoCaptain Nemo's hard motor mounts.
howtoEngine removal.
Good Post!The cause of 'bubbling coolant'.
Good Post!Procedure/tips for a compression test.
Good Post!Which coolant to use on different model year Neons.
Good Post!Interchangability of SOHC and DOHC engine parts.
Fuel and Intake
howtoAir Box removal for SOHC.
howtoFuel filter removal.
Good Post!Proper use of Mopar Combustion Cleaner.
Good Post!Discussion about removal of the intake snorkle.
howtoThrottle body removal.
visual howtoKirk Cold Air intake.
visual howtoThrottle body installation information.
howtoBorla muffler installation.
visual howtoMonza catback system installation.
Good Post!Why SOHC's don't have exhaust manifold gaskets.
Cooling, Heating and A/C
howtoDisabling the AC when in defrost mode.
howtoWhat to do about that awful smell that the A/C produces.
Engine Electrical Systems and Emissions
Good Post!Engine Diagnostics Codes.
Good Post!Where the PCV valve is.
Good Post!Information about the Neon's O2 sensors.
howtoSparkplug replacement.
howtoBattery relocation.
howtoHow to reset the PCM.
Automatic and Manual Transmission
howtoShift Knob replacement.
Good Post!Automatic to Standard Conversion.
Good Post!Notes on Front Wheel Drive traction.
Clutch and Driveaxles
Good Post!Greg Smith's explanation of what a modular clutch is.
visual howtoKVR Cross-Drilled Rotors and Carbotech Brake Pads installation.
good post!Discussion about braking.
good post!Why PT braking won't work on a Neon.
Suspension and Steering
howtoSpring removal.
howtoAdjust the camber.
howtoAdding Mopar swaybars to your car.
good post!Information on the Neon's Steering Column.
good post!Why tower braces aren't good suspension modifications.
good post!Discussion on toe and camber.
good post!Using 1G springs to lower a 2G Neon.
good post!Discussion on why the Neon is sensitive to wheel shake.
good post! Recommendations for wheels/tires/springs.
Body, Exterior
howtoAdding a passenger side mirror.
howtoMopar splashguard installation.
howtoFront bumper removal.
Body, Interior
howtoDash removal.
howtoAdding a remote trunk release.
visual howtoDoor panel removal.
visual howtoWindow adjustment.
visual howtoDash removal.
visual howtoSchroth Harness Rallye 4 installation.
Chassis Electrical, Control/Gauges
howtoInstrument cluster removal.
howtoFactory cruise control installation.
Chassis Electrical, Lighting
howtoHow to install your own floor lights.
howtoAdding a lighted rearview mirror.
howtoUnderhood lamp installation.
howtoFog Light Modification to run all the time.
howtoFog light bulb replacement
Chassis Electrical, Stereo
howtoGeneral car stereo installation.
howtoSony XR-C210 stereo installation.
Good Post!Information about radio delete plates/covers.
Misc. Good Info.
howtoHow to order a replacement key.
Good Post!Tire size chart.
Good Post!VIN decoding.
Good Post!Wheelcover removal.
2.4L swap information
Good Post!Discussion on 2.4L acessories (A/C, P/S, alternator).