This howto was taken from Randy's Neon Page with permission of the owner.

Ever wish you could run your fog lights anytime, like using them as DRL's, or with just the parking lights, or even allowing them to stay on when you put the high beams on? Well, here's how, AND they turn off with the ignition, so you don't forget and return to a car with a dead battery and a code 12.

  1. Pull out the fog light/rear defogger panel
  2. Cut the violet with white tracer wire, leaving as much as possible attached to the connector for the fog light switch.
  3. Tape and tie the free end of the violet with white where it comes out of the harness. You don't want this shorting on anything!
  4. Strip the free end of the violet with white wire that's still connected to the fog light switch connector.
  5. Strip a small section of the white wire that comes from the rear defog switch. DO NOT cut this wire, strip a section to make a splice. This is the third wire from the top.
  6. Connect the stripped end of the violet with white wire to the white wire. Wrap tightly and solder. Tape and tie to prevent shorts.

That's it, now you can turn on the fog lights anytime the ignition is on, with no headlights, with parking lights, with low beam, with high beam. This might be illegal in some areas, but I've seen plenty of cars driving around with fogs and parking lights as DRLs and other such stuff, so I'll take my chances. I drove around tonight for about an hour, pulled the module out, and nothing was geting warm, so I am pretty sure this is a correct wiring scheme. The rear defroster still works, too.